Product News: Increase Throughput and Efficiency with BioTek's New BioStack3 Microplate Stacker

04 Jun 2012

BioTek continues to develop efficiencies into laboratory microplate processes with innovative designs, like those incorporated into the BioStack3 Microplate Stacker. The new BioStack3 features a dual plate carrier and rotational wrist to quickly move plates from the source stack to the instrument and back to the destination stack, keeping two plates in process. BioStack3 is the fastest stacker of its kind, designed to provide increased throughput for batched processes.

In less than 10 seconds total transfer time, BioStack3 can remove one plate from an instrument carrier and replace it with another microplate, increasing overall productivity for batch processes.

In addition to the fast total transfer time, the easy-to-use BioStack3 features a choice of 10, 30, or 50 microplate storage stacks, and maintains its very small footprint for use in a biosafety cabinet or hood. BioStack3 automates routine microplate-based processes when integrated with most BioTek instrumentation for walkaway automation.