Product News: BioTek Instruments, Inc. at Society for Biomolecular Sciences Annual Conference

01 Sep 2006

BioTek Instruments, Inc., a leader in microplate instrumentation technology, is introducing its latest innovations in microplate solutions at the 12th annual Society for Biomolecular Sciences Conference and Exhibition, September 17-21, 2006 in Seattle, Washington.

The company will present the technical poster, “The Synergy™ 2, A Novel Approach to Microplate Multi-Detection for HTS and Drug Discovery”. This multi-mode microplate reader was specifically designed to provide research laboratories with performances normally found on high-end HTS instrumentation, while delivering flexibility and efficient cost-control to screening laboratories. This poster will coincide with the product’s global introduction, and the Synergy™ 2 will be featured at Booth #741 along with an instructive Flash Video Presentation.

The company will also present the technical poster, “NanoQuot™, A Cost Effective Flexible Nanoliter Dispenser for High Throughput Screening” at the conference. The dispenser, capable of running stand-alone or computer controlled as part of a robotics system, provides accurate and precise dispensing of volumes ranging from 100 nanoliters to 40 microliters in a variety of microplate formats including 1536-well. Detailed demonstrations of NanoQuot will be available at Booth #741.

Gen5™ Microplate Data Collection and Analysis Software will also be shown at the meeting, and will be included with all high-end detection systems from BioTek Instruments for optimal reader control, data analysis and reporting in a variety of microplate applications.

Also featured at the meeting is the popular ELx405™ Microplate Washer, the only self-maintaining microplate washer on the market today. The built-in ultrasonic cleaner provides effortless washer manifold maintenance for guaranteed assay integrity, and the patented Dual-Action™ manifold provides precise overfill washing and overflow protection. The ELx405 microplate washer meets the most demanding wash requirements with flexibility and efficiency.

Additional information on BioTek Instruments, Inc. or their products may be found at the article webpage.