BioTek Highlights Microplate Instrumentation Technologies at analytica 2010

17 Mar 2010
The latest microplate instrumentation technologies will be presented. This includes two new microplate reader technologies, the new, patent-pending Synergy™ H4 Hybrid Microplate Reader and the new Epoch™ Multi-Volume Spectrophotometer System. BioTek’s stand will also feature microplate washing and dispensing technologies, such as the ELx405 Magnetic Bead Washer.

The Synergy™ H4 Hybrid Microplate Reader has a unique combination which provides unlimited assay flexibility for current and future microplate-based assays, and also offers full microplate-based fluorescence, absorbance and luminescence technologies. The new Epoch™ Multi-Volume Spectrophotometer System, consisting of the Epoch Microplate Reader and the Take3™ Multi-Volume Plate, for high value, multi-volume, multi-sample solutions for life science laboratories with multiple users and assay types. Epoch uses monochromator-based optics for absorbance measurements from 200-999 nm in 6- to 384-well microplates, and the Take3 allows for measurement of up to sixteen low-volume (2 μL) samples, 1 cm cuvettes, or BioTek’s proprietary BioCell™ 1 cm quartz vessel. Pre-programmed and user-generated programs are controlled via Gen5™ Data Analysis Software.

The ELx405 Magnetic Bead Washer, based on BioTek’s gold-standard ELx405 Microplate Washer, offers high-strength biomagnetic separation in both 384-well and 96-well microplates. A specialized magnet allows uniform and rapid separation of micrometer- and nanometer-scale magnetic beads, and may also be removed to accommodate other microplate-based assay protocols. The EL406™ Combination Microplate Washer Dispenser offers fast and efficient microplate washing and dispensing in 1536-, 384- and 96-well microplates. By combining microplate washing with peristaltic and microprocessor-controlled syringe drive reagent dispensers, researchers can save time, money and valuable laboratory space. Both instruments are controlled via the instrument keypad or Liquid Handling Control™ PC software.

Also featured will be the BioStack™ automation modules, which can be connected to BioTek’s microplate instruments for increased speed, flexibility and unattended operation. 

Visit BioTek in Hall 3, booth 330 to find out more.

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