Product News: BioTek Adds To Its Premier Synergy™ Brand with the New Synergy Mx Monochromator-Based Multi-Mode Microplate Reader

08 Jan 2009

BioTek Instruments Inc., introduces their latest microplate technology innovation with the new monochromator-based Synergy™ Mx Multi-Mode Microplate Reader with Ultra Fine-Tuned™ performance. Ultra fine-tuned performance from Synergy Mx in fluorescence, luminescence and absorbance read modes provide results on par with that normally found only in dedicated single-mode systems.

The top- and bottom-read fluorescence system is fully monochromator-based and equipped with a variable bandpass selection system for added flexibility. The fluorescent system’s premium quadruple grating architecture guarantees an exquisite level of spectral discrimination and smooth spectral scans. Automated Z-height adjustment of the top optical head accommodates different microplate heights with 100 μm resolution. Optimal sensitivity is also achieved especially for low-volume samples.

With Synergy Mx’s modular format, the required detection modes can be selected for specific laboratory needs and upgraded at any time as the needs change. Shaking and temperature control systems as well as Gen5™ Data Analysis Software are standard on all Synergy Mx models.

Options include a UV-visible cuvette port and dual-reagent dispenser. The cuvette port increases versatility by allowing for cuvette-based samples and comparisons to standard cuvette spectrophotometers. Dual-reagent dispensers allow precise control of reagent additions and timing in kinetic studies, ion channel assays and flash ATP assays.

Gary Barush, Director of Sales and Marketing at BioTek notes, “With the introduction of Synergy Mx, our life science customers now have a monochromator-only option with flexibility and performance traditionally offered by high-cost dedicated systems.” He continues, “Our Synergy family of multi-mode readers now offers a solution for any customer in life science research and drug discovery; each backed up by our superior customer service and support.”

BioTek’s Synergy product line includes the patent-pending Synergy 4 with Hybrid Technology™ incorporating both monochromator- and filter-based fluorescence for life science and drug discovery applications, Synergy 2 with filter/dichroic-based fluorescence for life science and drug discovery applications, Synergy Mx with monochromator-based fluorescence for life science applications and Synergy HT with filter-based fluorescence for life science applications.

BioTek Instruments, Inc., headquartered in Winooski, VT, is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture, and sale of microplate instrumentation and software. BioTek instrumentation is used to facilitate the drug discovery process, to advance discoveries in genomics and proteomics, and to aid in the advancement of life science research.