Product News: Closer to a renal biomarker that covers all the animal models used by the pharmaceutical industry: BioPorto Diagnostics launch anti-mouse NGAL antibody pair

20 Aug 2008

BioPorto Diagnostics has launched a new monoclonal antibody ELISA pair for our NGAL portfolio; the antibodies detect mouse NGAL, complementing our existing human, monkey and rat NGAL antibodies and ELISA kits.

With this product launch, NGAL as a biomarker of kidney damage is moving closer to being the first biomarker that can cover all the animal models the pharmaceutical industry use when studying toxicology. We are confident that the addition of a sandwich ELISA antibody pair for mouse NGAL will help strengthen NGAL’s position as the preferred biomarker for kidney toxicology studies.

Mice are the most frequently used animals in research, and for the last couple of years many researchers and pharmaceutical companies have requested highly specific anti-mouse NGAL monoclonal antibodies. NGAL determination allows kidney injury to be detected almost as soon as it occurs, and not at the later stage when the consequences of impaired kidney function can be detected by existing routine tests and the damage has been consolidated. The mouse NGAL antibodies can be used to detect nephrotoxic side effects of new drugs, in the development of new treatments for kidney damage and for basic research on kidney injury and kidney diseases.

In the near future BioPorto Diagnostics will expand the NGAL portfolio with monoclonal antibodies specific for NGAL in other laboratory animals such as pig and dog.