Product News: New Range of Freeze Dryers Available from Biopharma Process Systems

23 May 2013

The new range of Benchtop BT Pro freeze dryers from SP Scientific is now available from freeze drying experts Biopharma Process Systems.

Built-In Flexibility
The new VirTis BenchTop Pro freeze dryer range from SP Scientific has been designed to be highly affordable, yet meet the needs of the most demanding research laboratories. Each system can be configured to meet both present and future needs.

Condenser refrigeration packages of -55°C, -75°C, -85°C and -105°C enable processing of aqueous or solvent based formulations. System can be configured for smaller sample volumes or to process a relatively heavy workload, with condenser sizes of 3 litre, 8 litre or 9 litre.

Manifolds are available in a variety of easily interchangeable styles. Acrylic manifolds are available for applications where aqueous products are being processed or it is important to ensure visibility of the product. For applications involving organic solvent, stainless steel manifolds provide superior corrosion resistance.

Hot-gas defrost minimizes time losses traditionally incurred from lengthy condenser defrost and clean-up procedures.

Intuitive Controls
Designed for both the occasional user and freeze drying expert, the Benchtop Pro Omnitronics Controller simplifies freeze drying and makes the system easy to operate. One touch start-up and shut down ensure that your product and freeze dryer are protected from inadvertent operational errors. An intuitive graphic display provides users with at-a-glance understanding of the status of the freeze dryer and whether or not appropriate freeze drying conditions exist. Audible alarms help notify the user of potential problems with the system and hence, with the product. All Omnitronics controllers come complete with a trending screen that allows critical parameters to be monitored throughout the process if required. An optional Ethernet control allows the freeze dryer to be connected to a network, so that it can be monitored and controlled remotely. The Ethernet option also allows printout in a batch record, alpha-numeric, type report.

Advanced Benchtop Freeze Drying
The BTPro series updates and replaces the popular Benchtop "BTK" series.