Product News: Bioo Scientific Newest Transduction Reagents Enable Targeted siRNA Delivery into Leukocytes

20 Sep 2012

Bioo Scientific has launched the innovative huLeukoAim™ and muLeukoAim™ Transduction Reagents which offer targeted delivery into leukocytes including lymphocytes (T and B cells), myeloid cells and granulocytes resulting in efficient gene silencing in mouse and human cells. siRNA therapy is a promising approach for treatment of leukocytic disorders and infections; however, delivery reagents that can target these cell types have not been available until now.

The huLeukoAim and muLeukoAim Transduction Reagents provide a safe and nontoxic approach for the delivery of siRNA and potentially other therapeutic molecules to leukocytes and have been validated with HL-60, CCRF-CEM and T-ALL cell lines.

According to Dr. Sandesh Subramanya, Senior Scientist at Bioo Scientific, “Our team of scientists at Bioo Scientific is developing innovative transduction reagents that offer cell-specific delivery of siRNA and miRNA to address the current bottleneck that impedes therapeutic applications of RNAi.”

The huLeukoAim and muLeukoAim Transduction Reagents are the latest additions to Bioo Scientific’s line of targeted delivery reagents which also include the popular NeuroAIM™ and MyeloAim™ Transduction Reagents and the T3™-Max Conjugation Kit.