Product News: Biohit launches a mechanical mLINE pipettor for large volumes

03 Sep 2007

The new mechanical mLINE 1-10 ml pipettor together with the new 10 ml tip offers the best way to handle large volumes of liquids accurately and safely. The new mLINE is an ideal working tool in water, food and environmental laboratories as well as in biotech and chemical industries. The pipettor features good chemical resistance and it can be used with liquids such as chloroform. The compatible 10 ml tip, made from pure polypropylene, has been designed to fit the most commonly used 10 ml and 15 ml laboratory tubes.

The patented spring mechanism of the mLINE pipettor makes pipetting very light and allows for consistent results even in long pipetting series. Hand temperature can also have an impact on the results, but mLINE features thermal insulation of the internal components, which helps improve accuracy.

The Biohit mechanical mLINE pipettor family now cover a volume range of 0.1 to 10,000µl. The mLINE pipettor is available in eight single-channel and six multi-channel models. They are fully autoclavable and CE/IVD marked.