Product News: Biohit eLINE® Electronic Multichannel Pipettors

21 Oct 2006

The electronic operation from aspiration to tip ejection together with ergonomical design take the effort out of pipetting and make the eLINE® multichannel pipettors the ultimate choice for every laboratory. Tip ejection can be laborious, especially with multichannel pipettors, and at worst a contributing factor to Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI). The eLINE® multichannel pipettor negates this with its unique electronic tip ejection system that allows tip removal at a touch of a button. Furthermore, the optiload tip loading mechanism of the eLINE® multichannel pipettors allows tips to be mounted with equal constant force to every channel. This enables proper tip sealing to every individual tip cone with minimum force.
The eLINE® has been engineered to offer new levels of performance. The comprehensive range of easy-to-program protocols ensure that virtually all pipetting applications can be accomplished. Moreover, the eLINE® has the facility to store up to 6 user-defined liquid handling protocols. The eLINE® multichannel pipettors are available both as 8- and 12-channel models covering the volume range of 0.2µl to 1200µl.