Product News: BioDot to Showcase Equipment for Research and Manufacture of Diagnostic Kits at AACC 2010

19 Jul 2010

BioDot will be highlighting its core "batch" and "in line" systems for development and manufacturing of lateral flow tests. These systems will include quantitative dispensing, laminating, cutting and assembly. In addition, BioDot will be showcasing products for Biochip and Biosensor development and manufacturing around its proprietary dispensing technology. These products will include quantitative dispensing from picoliters to microliters, in a non contact manner to microtiter plates, slides, membranes or other microfluidics.

Equipment to be featured includes the AD3400 workstation and the RR4500 Reel-to-Reel Web Handling System. The AD3400 is a workstation suitable for R&D through to production levels and has a choice of 3 nests and mechanical shuffle, allowing users to interchange substrates and process biochips in semi automated process. The RR4500 is designed to provide reagent application and drying capabilities for web processing. Reagent applications also include precision dispensing as well as dip coat impregnation.

Visit booth 1020 to find out more.