Product News: Bio-Rad Launches 'KnowItAll U' Spectroscopy Reference Database and Software Product for Academic Research and Teaching

02 Apr 2007

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc., a multinational manufacturer and distributor of life science research and clinical diagnostics products, today announced the launch of a new spectroscopy reference database and software product, KnowItAll® U, for academic research and teaching.

The new product represents a powerful combination of reference data, tools, and technologies that will assist faculty, staff, and students in their scholarly research. In addition, KnowItAll U can be used to train students in the skills and technologies they will need once they leave academia.

A KnowItAll U annual site license includes a collection of software tools and over 1.2 million spectra:
  • All Bio-Rad Sadtler spectra
    390,000 IR, NMR, Raman, and mass spectra (including UV-Vis and additional NMR in Q4)
  • All John Wiley & Sons spectra
    845,000 IR, NIR, NMR, and mass spectra
  • All spectra of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Robien / Universität Wien
    117,000 NMR spectra
  • SpectraBase™ community database
  • A peer-reviewable database of NMR, IR, UV-Vis, Raman, NIR, and mass spectra edited and reviewed by selected members of the community
  • KnowItAll Informatics System
    Bio-Rad's award-winning spectroscopy, cheminformatics, and chemometrics software for Microsoft Windows
  • KnowItAll AnyWare™
    A web browser-enabled client that is hardware, operating system, and browser independent, allowing access to the KnowItAll U database collection via Windows, Macintosh, or Linux

"KnowItAll U represents a tremendous resource for academic research and teaching" said Greg Banik, General Manager of Bio-Rad's Informatics Division.

About KnowItAll Informatics System

Bio-Rad's KnowItAll Informatics System is a fully integrated software and database package that provides scientific researchers multiple tools such as database building, management, search, analysis, prediction, structure drawing, and reporting, all within a single user interface. Bio-Rad offers specialized "editions" of its KnowItAll system specifically customized for spectroscopic, chemistry, in silico ADME/Tox, and most recently, metabolomics research.