Product News: Bio-Rad Introduces the CFX96 Touch™ and CFX384 Touch™ Real-Time PCR Detection Systems

01 Jul 2011

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. introduces the CFX96 Touch and CFX384 Touch real-time PCR detection systems, which feature large, color touch screens for run setup and display of real-time PCR data.

The CFX96 Touch and CFX384 Touch systems combine the optical technology of the CFX optical reaction modules with the precise thermal control and usability of the C1000 Touch™ chassis. These systems are ideal for labs that value high performance, ease of use, and high throughput. The large touch screen simplifies the setting up and running of real-time PCR runs. The design allows users to view amplification traces in real time, without a computer. Once a run is complete, the data can be emailed, or it can be exported to a USB flash drive.

With the CFX96 Touch and CFX384 Touch systems, real-time PCR is:

Easier – Factory calibration, quick set up, and intuitive software provide reliable results every time.

Faster – Save time and reduce costs by optimizing assays in a single run using the thermal gradient.

Smarter – Optical technology uses long-lasting LEDs to provide maximum reliability and optimal results for any real-time PCR application.

Researchers who would like to improve the accuracy of their real-time PCR experiments by following Minimum Information for Publication of Quantitative Real-Time PCR Experiments (MIQE) guidelines can use qbasePLUS qPCR data analysis software (a license is included) to combine and validate data for publication.

To learn more about the CFX96 Touch and the CFX384 Touch systems, visit the company article page.