Product News: Bio-Rad Announces New Oriole™ Fluorescent Gel Stain

03 Feb 2010

Oriole™ fluorescent gel stain is a general protein gel stain containing a dye that fluoresces when bound to proteins. Unlike other fluorescent protein gel stains on the market, Oriole stain features a simple, 90-minute staining protocol without fixing and/or destaining steps, allowing you to visualise your protein bands faster and easier. Oriole fluorescent gel stain is compatible with mass spectrometry and features higher sensitivity and dynamic range than Coomassie blue stain, making it a perfect tool for proteomics studies.

• Nanogram sensitivity
• 3 orders of dynamic range
• One-step, 90-minute protocol without the need for fixing and destaining
• Compatibility with enzymatic digestion and mass spectrometry

Oriole fluorescent gel stain has an excitation peak at 270 nm and emission peak at 604 nm, making it compatible with any UV-based imager such as Molecular Imager GelDoc™ XR+, ChemiDoc™ XRS+, VersaDoc™ MP imaging systems and EXQuest™ spot cutter from Bio-Rad.

Oriole fluorescent gel stain will not work with any laser-based imager systems such as Molecular Imager PharosFX™ system from Bio-Rad and Typhoon imagers from GE Healthcare.

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