Product News: BINDER introduces new CO2- incubator for cell cultivation without contamination

16 Apr 2007

The new BINDER C 150 CO2-incubator with its standard hot-air sterilization at 180 °C represents a new standard in cell cultivation. Your guarantee for optimum cell growth, absolutely free of contamination, even for routine cell culture applications.

High temperature precision with outstanding dynamics and an interior that is condensation-free even at high humidity levels and a FPI infrared measuring system without drift error ensure stable pH values with optimal cell cultivation.

The seamless, deep-drawn inner chamber now has 27% less surface area, and thus less potential surface for contamination. Substantially reduced effort in cleaning is another plus. The C 150 also has an impressive new exterior design. In laboratories, it can be easily stacked without sacrificing any ease of use. Interior fittings have been reduced to the absolute minimum, which means that the 150 l CO2-incubator offers the best usable-space-to-volume ratio in its class, with 17% more usable space than comparable equipment.

The optimal incubator for all routine applications, including incubation of monolayer cultures for different cell lines, cell culture technologies, and cell-based assays in cell biology used for basic research at universities and research institutions. The ideal incubator for those who want to focus on the essentials, and who expect the traditional BINDER reliability that they have come to rely on for cell cultivation. The new BINDER CO2-incubator will be available beginning in May 2007.