Product News: Optimized for Life Science Research – The New Genova Plus Spectrophotometer

21 Jun 2012

The new Genova Plus life science UV/visible spectrophotometer from Jenway features icon-driven software with soft key navigation and the ability to save results and methods to a USB memory stick. With dedicated modes for DNA/RNA analysis, pre-programmed methods for protein analysis plus standard spectrophotometer functions, the user-friendly Genova Plus is optimized for applications in biochemistry, forensic science, genetics, biotechnology and other life science laboratories.

Based on the highly successful Jenway 73 series spectrophotometers, the new Genova Plus incorporates a large graphical display built into the lid of the unit. Powerful icon-driven software and soft-key navigation ensure rapid analysis and ease of use. A large internal memory enables over 300 methods to be stored and for added convenience results and methods can be saved to a USB memory stick.

In addition to dedicated modes for DNA/RNA analysis, protein assays, nucleic acid purity and optical density, the versatile Genova Plus can be used as a standard spectrophotometer with measurement modes for photometrics, concentration, multi-wavelength, spectrum scanning, quantitation and kinetics.

For determination of nucleic acid and protein concentrations in very small sample volumes, down to 0.7µl, the Genova Plus is compatible with the TrayCell ultra-micro cuvette.