Product News: New Temperature and Flow Controller for Fluidised Baths

19 Oct 2011

The new TC-9D control unit from Bibby Scientific incorporates a flow meter in addition to a thermocouple for more accurate and reproducible operation of the Techne SBL range of fluidised sand baths.

With push fit connectors for fast and easy set-up, the self-contained TC-9D controller enhances temperature accuracy and stability of SBL Fluidised Baths, achieving ±0.5ºC up to 300ºC, ±1.0ºC between 300 and 400ºC, and ±1.5ºC from 400 to 600ºC. A traceable calibration certificate is available for the TC-9D when supplied with an SBL unit.

Techne have developed their fluidised bath technology to now offer a wide range of products capable of covering the temperature range –100ºC to 1100ºC. The SBL series of precision temperature fluidised baths provide a safer alternative to the dangers associated with high temperature oil and salt baths. Designed to be bench or floor standing, they require only an electrical and air supply for operation and allow temperatures of up to 600ºC to be maintained. No fumes are given off and the aluminium oxide particles do not degrade or need replacing.

With rapid heat transfer to samples compared to conventional ovens and furnaces, SBL Fluidised Baths are the safest and fastest way to calibrate irregular-shaped temperature probes with precision up to 600ºC. Techne fluidised baths are used in the petrochemical and aerospace industries, as well as for heat treatment of samples in engineering applications.