Product News: Launch of Biacore X100 brings protein interaction analysis within reach of every life science research lab

19 Feb 2007

Biacore, now part of GE Healthcare, today announced the launch of Biacore™ X100, a ready to run system for label-free protein interaction analysis, designed for busy, multi-project life science research laboratories.

During more than 15 years, data from Biacore systems have been cited in over 4500 scientific publications, so the technology is well-proven. However, many researchers expressed the need for a general purpose system which would be readily accessible for multiple users. Biacore X100 fulfils this need. Using state-of-the-art software tools to incorporate years of experience and application expertise, this new system effortlessly leads the user from preparation to result, within a day. The benefits of real time protein interaction analysis will now be available to even more researchers, wherever they work in the life sciences.

Renowned for their high quality data, Biacore systems enable scientists to draw confident conclusions based on comprehensive characterization of how proteins interact with other molecules. A single instrument determines affinity and rate constants, binding specificity, concentration and thermodynamic parameters of the interaction. Researchers are able to deepen their understanding of molecular mechanisms and interaction pathways, determine protein functionality and elucidate disease mechanisms.

Biacore X100 complements a range of systems that now enable scientists to choose the solution best suited to their application requirements, from basic research through drug discovery and development to quality control.