Product News: TriStar2 – The New and Improved Multimode Plate Reader

17 Oct 2011

Berthold Technologies announces the launch of the second generation of its successful TriStar multimode plate reader – the TriStar2 LB942. The TriStar2 offers revised optimized optical paths for the reading technologies' absorbance, luminescence and fluorescence. Hence TriStar2 has detection sensitivities known from dedicated instruments. Particularly notable is its new enhanced fluorescence performance.

The TriStar2 is equipped with a universal and low noise detector for fluorescence and luminescence measurements and a photo diode for absorbance reading. Optical emission filters can be used in TriStar´s luminescence and fluorescence optics enabling to measure BRET (e.g. functional assays for GPCR research) and multicolour luciferases (reporter gene assays). TriStar2 can be supplemented with up to 3 reagent injectors – based on the proven and highly precise JET technology – and a temperature control unit for the microplates. Two of the injectors are in measurement position enabling to measure precisely very fast flash reactions.

Furthermore there is a reagent tray at the front of the instrument offering easy access and the possibility to cool injector reservoirs by adding ice. For higher throughput, TriStar2 can be equipped with the Stacker unit LB 931 or be integrated into a laboratory automation system. TriStar2 offers extensive opportunities to its users and a huge variety of application options including the measurement of enzyme kinetics, phagocytosis, calcium flux, cell viability, apoptosis, immunoassays, protein and DNA concentration and protein-protein interactions.

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