BellBrook Labs Launches Unique Microculture Slide for Probing Cell Function in a Native 3D Matrix
31 May 2011

BellBrook Labs today introduced the iuvo™ 3D ICC Slide, a microculture slide that enables immunocytochemistry in native biological Extracellular Matrices (ECMs), such as dense Matrigel™. The unique slide microchannels facilitate rapid diffusion of antibodies for immunocytochemical analysis of cells.

This new approach overcomes the difficulties commonly associated with antibody immunostaining in dense matrices, such as uneven staining and detachment of matrix. As the need to investigate cells within a more “in vivo-like” environment grows, the demand for innovative, physiologically-relevant cellular assays has also increased. The novel iuvo™ 3D ICC Slide will address this demand by providing researchers a convenient, easy-to-use format for high-content, 3D immunocytochemistry analysis.

The new iuvo™ 3D ICC Slide provides even staining of both fixed and live cells within the ECM, while the ultra-low volume required for the microconduit design means far fewer cells are required than with current methods. This greatly reduces consumption of expensive matrices and precious primary cells. Designed for simplicity and ease-of use, the iuvo™ 3D ICC Slide can be analyzed via microscopic imaging or High Content Instrumentation. Future plans include expansion of the slides to full plate format for lab automation compatibility and increased throughput, along with additional applications, such as cell migration and invasion.

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