Product News: Beckman Coulter Adds Streptamer* Technology To Cell-Sorting and Cell Characterizing Lines

20 Jan 2010

Beckman Coulter, Inc. now offers Streptamer technology, providing a novel method for the isolation and characterization of functional antigen-specific T-cells by fluorescence-activated or magnet-assisted cell sorting. Streptamer technology, manufactured by IBA GmbH, includes Ag-specific multimers available in a number of human alleles and mouse models and attached to either magnetic beads or fluorescently labeled Strep-Tactin.*

The addition of the Streptamer technology to Beckman Coulter’s iTAg* MHC Tetramer and iTopia* Immune Monitoring product lines provides researchers with a comprehensive range of methods for sorting and characterizing cells. Combined with current Tetramer and iTopia reagents, Streptamer technology allows researchers to expand their use of tetramers to include in vivo experimentation.**

The reversible, antigen-specific staining of T-cells enabled by Streptamers leaves the isolated T-cells phenotypically and functionally indistinguishable from untreated cells. The technology has the potential to advance basic T-cell research as an essential prerequisite for novel immunological medicines.

"Streptamer technologies expand the range of tools available for immunologists," said Brad Calvin, vice president of Beckman Coulter's Flow Cytometry Business Center. “The reversible binding capability of the Streptamer technology allows researchers to sort and study cells in their natural state, which is not always possible with conventional antibody staining techniques. This provides for unique research applications and the ability to use targeted cells in their native condition.”
The partnership with IBA GmbH provides Beckman Coulter with exclusive distribution rights for the Streptamer technology in North America and co-exclusive distribution rights for the IBA Streptamer technology outside of North America. IBA will continue direct sales and support of the Streptamer technology outside of North America.

“Beckman Coulter has an extensive global footprint for both sales and support, which will allow our Streptamer products to reach a large and diverse customer set," said Lothar Germeroth, CEO of IBA. "With this relationship, we believe that IBA will continue to advance and expand the use of its Streptamer reagents to address the urgent need of modern drug discovery and life science research for the isolation of functional cells that provide novel insights into the biology of the immune system.”

*Trademarks are property of their respective owners.
**For Laboratory Use Only: Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.