Product News: BD Biosciences Launches New Cell Analyzer to Streamline Research Workflow

16 Aug 2011

BD Biosciences, a segment of BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company), launched today the BD FACSVerse™ Flow Cytometer, a flexible, reliable and scalable system that can analyze up to 10 parameters and support a wide range of research applications.

“We engineered cutting-edge innovation into the BD FACSVerse System from the ground up, with three foundations in mind,” said James Glasscock, President of Cell Analysis, BD Biosciences. “First, we wanted to provide researchers with a single system that could handle routine applications along with complex multi-color experiments with precision and reproducibility. Second, we sought to streamline workflow and make the system easy to use with built-in intelligence. Lastly, we wanted to help protect our customers’ investment by giving them an upgrade path from 6 parameters up to 10 parameters as well as multiple optional capabilities that will allow them to meet the future demands of their research.”

With the new BD FACSuite™ Software System for the BD FACSVerse Flow Cytometer, users can now automate routine tasks, such as instrument startup, setup, sample acquisition, and data analysis, and complete others with minimal clicks The software package’s modular architecture enables users to multitask, performing data analysis while the system is acquiring data. According to Glasscock, the software introduces a powerful new paradigm that eliminates the need for daily spill over correction, which is essential for today’s multicolor analysis. BD FACSuite Software enables assays and experiments to be exported to other BD FACSVerse Systems around the globe, minimising commonly encountered system and user-related variances.

The BD FACSVerse Flow Cytometer has built-in intelligence that is intended to reduce errors, increase efficiency, automate processes and minimise user interaction. Some examples include:

• Vacuum-based fluidic subsystem that allows exceptional flexibility in sample introduction;
• New setup and QC concepts that eliminate the need for daily compensation for standard fluorochromes; and,
• Intelligence and innovation that are built into components across the system that streamline many operations and prevent errors

The BD FACSVerse Flow Cytometer is available in 4-colour, 6-colour and 8-colour configurations with forward-scatter and side-scatter support for up to 10 total parameters. The 4- and 6-colour systems can be expanded with a field upgrade. The system has a compact footprint enabling it to fit easily on standard laboratory bench tops.