Product News: Axiom Analytical, Inc. to Feature its Full Line of Robust Sampling Equipment for Process Spectroscopy at Pittcon 2013

12 Mar 2013

The Axiom Analytical booth (#3048) at Pittcon 2013 will feature probes and flow cells for vibrational spectroscopy, with emphasis on robust probes for on-line analysis under extreme conditions of temperature, pressure, and chemical reactivity. The Axiom product line spans all current forms of vibrational spectroscopy, including near-IR, mid-IR, UV-visible, and Raman.

A leader in providing near-infrared transmission probes for on-line process applications, Axiom has recently introduced both shielded and self-cleaning NIR probes. A featured product will be the new FPT-850SJ, the first near-IR transmission probe to include an integral steam jacket. This facilitates the elimination of condensed sample material without requiring probe removal, allowing the FPT-850SJ to be used in a wide range of chemical process analysis applications.

The Company’s line of process near-IR diffuse reflectance probes has recently been augmented by the addition of new probes for both contact and non-contact analysis. These include both retractable and self-cleaning probes. An example is the new FDR-825 non-contact probe, which features a vortex flushing system that allows the objective optics to be effectively cleaned while in-place. All of the Company’s diffuse reflectance probes feature high collection efficiency and low stray light.

A further recent addition to the Axiom product line is the robust FPX-300 Process Transflectance Probe. This probe features the reduced diameter needed for many small scale reaction monitoring tasks combined with robust construction, high transmission, and uniquely low stray light. It is being applied in such fields as the manufacture of pharmaceutical API’s and food supplements where batch sizes are often not large enough to allow the use of Axiom’s full size FPT Series Transmission probes.