Product News: New Floor-standing & Benchtop 3 Liter Centrifuges

20 Jul 2012

AWEL International presented bench-top and floor-standing versions of its new refrigerated 3 liter centrifuges at ACHEMA 2012. They offer a greater capacity than their class with 60 x 15ml conical tubes, up to 124 x 5-7ml blood tubes, and a wide selection of other sample containers.

Low level access to the chamber makes loading and unloading the rotor easy, even for the CF 108-R bench-top model, because the ergonomic design - AWELook™ - makes it much lower than most other centrifuges (they can be up to 40% taller). Automated lid opening and closing makes access even simpler.

Increased productivity is ensured by the AWELight™ feature. The lid handle is illuminated as soon as the rotor stops rotating, thus maximizing the number of centrifugation cycles. It also produces high quality results by indicating that the samples can be removed for analysis immediately after separation.

Rotor exchange is rapid thanks to the AWELock™ system whereby the rotor can be removed in seconds without tools for chamber cleaning and decontamination. Samples are handled in a safe environment and the lives of the centrifuge and accessories are prolonged.

The CF 108-R bench-top and CF 108-GR floor-standing models require minimal space, making their installation possible even in cramped laboratories.

A trend-setter in ergonomic design, the CF series centrifuges consume much less energy than many other models. Production includes recycling procedures for minimal impact on the environment. Energy consumption is minimized during operation through an intelligent program and shutdown is automated when the instrument is unused. A high visibility, multi-color display shows the status of operation that can be seen from a distance.

Although AWEL International is a relatively new company, it is built around a team that has nearly three decades of experience in centrifuge design. A state-of-the-art facility incorporates full electronics production in addition to mechanical production. Multiple patents and awards place AWEL International in a strong position.