Product News: AWEL International Launches 3-Litre Centrifuges & High Speed Compact Centrifuge at ArabLab 2011

25 Feb 2011

Visit AWEL International to find out about new products available. The 3-Litre centrifuges accept 108-124 blood tubes, 60 x 15 ml conicals and 16 microplates. Supplied in Classical (5,000 x g) and Multi-Function (26,500 x g) series, they are available in bench-top and floor-standing (bench height and under bench) variants. The 48-tube high speed unit also accepts PCR and miniprep tubes,and 8 x 50 ml conicals.

The MS 30-R Refrigerated High Speed Compact Centrifuge shares many of the design features below with its cousins. With its large capacity of 48 x 1.5/2 ml microtubes and exceptional 23,000 rpm / 36,000 x g performance, it eats through the research work. The multi-functional aspect of this multispeed unit is demonstrated by its ability to spin 30 miniprep columns, a 6-strip PCR tube rotor or 8 x 50 ml conical tubes.

Ergonomics is given a high priority in the design. The C 108 and MF 108 3-Litre series are the most compact in their class with the edge of the bowl being just 30 cm above the bench. Ventilated models are 53.6 cm wide with the equivalent refrigerated unit only 69 cm in width.

Chamber access can also be improved and bench space saved in 4 ways:
- A dedicated under-centrifuge drawer unit that stores rotors and accessories, bringing the bowl down to bench height
- A floor-standing unit that at 90 cm high presents the bowl at bench height
- An under-bench unit at 70 cm high that enables the centrifuge to be stored away when not in use.
- Refrigerated floor-standing models are only as wide as ventilated bench-top models

The AWELook™ design includes a multicolored display with separate colors for parameter entry, program storage and running. Operation is intuitive and a pleasure to use.

The AWELock™ feature for rotor removal without tools in seconds also facilitates cleaning for reduction in cross-contamination and a longer centrifuge life.

The AWELight™ function optimizes productivity and results. The user is alerted by the bright lid handle that his samples are prepared (and so immediate handling will enable the best quality analysis to be achieved) which thus ensures that throughput is maximized and the best return on investment is obtained.

Clinical laboratories can run all usual protocols with a comfortable performance of 5,000 rpm / 5,000 x gfor the C 108 series. In addition, the requirements for the widely used blood tubes has been carefully studied to achieve a capacity of 108 BD® or 124 Terumo® tubes.

Life science laboratories are well served with 60 x 15 ml and 24 x 50 ml conical tubes accepted. The ever-increasing use of microplates is not forgotten with a total load of 16 standard plates or 4 deep well plates. Researchers will be delighted with the 16,000 rpm / 26,500 x g performance of the MF 108 series. The MF units also offer high performance purification by filtration with an outstanding 6,000 x g for deep well blocks. A 4 x 250 ml swing-out rotor achieves 7,000 x g to complement the standard 4 x 750 ml 5,000 x g rotor.

Communicationis another is aspect that has been pushed to the limit by AWEL International. AWELink™ today provides a number of major benefits:
- Remote analysis and maintenance of the centrifuges by AWEL’s own experts
- Software upgrading via a PC to keep your centrifuge up to date
- Connection to a LIMS for complete traceability

A young Breton company, AWEL International has strength in depth with a significant number of its team having 20-25 years’ experience in centrifugation. Its rate of centrifuge development has been astounding, and there is more to come…

Although AWEL has an international network of distributors, we are still looking for good companies with service support for customers in certain countries.

Visit booth 1017 for more information.