Product News: Avoid Surface Contamination for Optimal Growth of Cell and Tissue Cultures

22 Mar 2012

Cell and tissue cultures demand best growth conditions which includes maximum protection against contamination. Many conventional CO2 incubators attempt to meet these requirements by designing complex mechanical, time consuming and costly technical solutions.

Maximum sample safety and best possible cell growth are what laboratory staff want in an incubator. Many employees try to meet these requirements with additional functions and fixtures in the incubator. However, BINDER consciously pursues a different strategy: Less is more.

For years, the innovation leader in Tuttlingen, Germany, has been successful in eliminating all bulky air deflectors, racks and fans from the incubator, thus reducing potential contamination surfaces to a minimum. And it is precisely this feature that makes BINDER CO2 incubators so popular everywhere that best growth conditions, efficient use of space and reliable sterilization are required.

BINDER CO2 and CO2/O2 incubators are bare of air ducts, plenum and countless fixtures. ANTI.PLENUM Design provides shelf area for culture flasks and nothing else.