Product News: Matrix Gemini Offers LIMS and ELN Functionality

22 Aug 2012

Matrix Gemini, from Autoscribe, provides a complete laboratory data management capability that combines features that would be expected in either a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) or an Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN). This single unified technology means that laboratory managers no longer need to choose between adopting either a LIMS or an ELN, nor do they have to choose both and attempt to integrate both types of system.

This approach returns the emphasis to identifying needs of the laboratory and finding a total solution that meets those needs, rather than choosing one type of product or the other. Much of this flexibility is a result of the high configurability of Matrix Gemini which allows the solution to be tailored to exact customer needs without resorting to the complications and cost of custom coding.

Matrix Gemini delivers benefits from research to manufacturing and beyond. Since it can be configured to fulfill typical ELN functionality, two systems are not needed thus reducing costs. It can readily be configured to track all actions related to analytical methods typically used in a QC/QA environment. This would involve the capture of data from balances and other laboratory instrumentation as part of the process. In addition, ideas, experiment details etc can be recorded as would be required in a research and development environment.