Product News: Automation in Ion Chromatography

28 Nov 2008

The 858 Professional IC Sample processor and its little brother the 863 Compact IC Autosampler: Automating ion chromatography will save you costs while improving traceability and reproducibility of results. Metrohm offers two solutions with different capabilities.

The 858 Professional IC Sample Processor is the high-end version. It allows you to run simple as well as complex sample series combined with inline sample preparation techniques prior to injection. A large variety of sample racks is available. Even the most unconvential sample container can be used. The 858 Professional IC Sample Processor is fully controlled by MagIC Net™ 1.1.

Its little brother, the 863 Compact IC Autosampler has all standard functions and even allows a limited range of inline sample preparation. It is controlled by MagIC Net™ 1.1 but also from the front panel and by remote signals.