Product News: Automated benchtop systems for microplate management

09 Mar 2007

Velocity11, a leading innovator and top provider of automation solutions, offers a complete range of compact automated systems for microplate management which are flexible, user friendly, and high speed.

For customers faced with increasing throughput requirements or diminishing resources, Velocity11 has developed a suite of standalone benchtop systems for automated plate handling, sealing, piercing, storage, centrifugation and bar code printing. The BenchCel® Microplate Handling System is a robust, versatile, high speed, ultra compact plate handler that can access up to three peripheral instruments. The PlateLoc® Thermal Plate Sealer has established itself as an industry standard in thermal plate sealing due to its speed, small footprint, ease of use, and dependability. As a complementary instrument to the PlateLoc Sealer, the PlatePierce™ Seal Piercing Station pierces a wide variety of seals on 96 or 384 well microplates in only 4 seconds of cycle time. Specially designed piercing pins guarantee a clean, controlled puncture on every plate with a penetration depth of 3 mm, even with deep well plates. Velocity11's automated VStack® Microplate Stacker is a sophisticated device for dispensing and receiving microplates from robotic systems. An efficient modular stacker, the VStack Stacker provides the compact size and speed demanded by automated systems today. The automated VSpin® Microplate Centrifuge is the smallest robotic-accessible automated centrifuge on the market. It provides unmatched vibration and noise control in a small, low maintenance package. Ideal for high or medium throughput applications, the VSpin Centrifuge features a dual position design to accommodate two standard microplates at a time. Bar code label application is easily automated with the VCode® Barcode Print and Apply Station. The VCode Station applies bar code labels to any or all four sides of a microplate and provides the flexibility to create custom labels.

Mindful that customer microplate management requirements often require combinations of benchtop instruments - Velocity11 is able to seamlessly integrate standalone systems into flexible, high performance workstations, all controlled by the highly flexible VWorks™ Automation Control software.. To perform simple repetitive tasks on batches of microplates such as plate sealing and barcode printing - Velocity11 offers a range of small workstations. For more complex applications or protocols, typically involving more sophisticated liquid handling, Velocity11 also offers a growing range of large workstations.