Product News: Aurora Launches New QUANTI Chemistry Analyzers

24 Aug 2009

Aurora is pleased to announce that they have launched a line of Chemistry Analyzers. Aurora offers complete solutions including application support, instrumentation and reagents, ensuring users receive their desired results quickly and efficiently. The QUANTI series of Chemistry Analyzers has been designed to better serve the needs of small clinics and cost-sensitive healthcare laboratories. These workstations are compact with a small footprint, easy to operate, economical, and consistently deliver fast, reliable and accurate results. Aurora offers the following options:
  • 2 Biochemistry analyzers – the QUANTI B1000 (fully automated) and QUANTI S1000 (semi-automated)
  • Coagulate analyzer – the QUANTI C100 (semi-automated)
  • Hematology analyzer – the QUANTI H500 (fully automated)
  • Urine strip analyzer – the QUANTI U100 (semi-automated)
For laboratories searching for a truly complete solution, the QUANTI H500 may be integrated with our VERSA™ liquid handling system, providing benefits such as automatic dilution, autosampling, and blood sample preparation.