Product News: Atomic Spectroscopy Instrument that Runs Entirely on Air

07 Sep 2011

Agilent Technologies Inc. has introduced the 4100 Microwave Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectrometer, an elemental analysis instrument that runs entirely on air.

The 4100 MP-AES fundamentally changes the way scientists conduct elemental analysis. Using nitrogen-based plasma that runs on air, the 4100 MP-AES does not require flammable or expensive gases.

With no external cylinder connections required and no need for ongoing gas supplies, the 4100 MP-AES is ideal for any elemental analysis laboratory especially remote sites and mobile laboratories. By eliminating the need to plumb multiple gases into the laboratory or manually transport and handle gas cylinders, the 4100 MP-AES also improves lab safety.

“The MP-AES instrument from Agilent is a home run for both gold analysis and base-metal analysis,” said Bobby Joe Reichel, analytical development – Nevada Laboratory Services, Newmont Mining Corporation. “It provides superior detection limits and a vastly expanded calibration range to enable quick and easy analysis at trace levels, while eliminating the need for time-consuming dilutions of higher grade samples.”

“The Agilent 4100 MP-AES is the most significant technology advancement in atomic spectroscopy in decades,” said Philip Binns, Agilent vice president for spectroscopy products. “Agilent is changing the game in the field of elemental analysis. The 4100 MP-AES does not redefine a product category, it creates an entirely new one while offering the lowest cost of ownership for elemental analysis along with improved laboratory safety.”

Applying tried-and-true microwave technology to spectroscopy, the 4100 MP-AES delivers impressive performance as well. The magnetically excited microwave plasma source provides improved linear dynamic range, superior detection limits, and faster measurement compared with flame atomic-absorption spectroscopy.

Easy to use application-specific software applets automatically load a preset method, enabling users to start analysis without the need for method development or alignment. Minimal training is required.

Since flammable gases are no longer required, the 4100 MP-AES allows for safe, unattended multi-element overnight operation.