Product News: Simpler Process Development and Scale-Up With Asynt ReactoMate

16 Oct 2012

Asynt Ltd. in conjunction with Innovative Physical Organic Solutions (IPOS), a research group based within the University of Huddersfield, UK, has developed a new generation of chemical reactor.

By better understanding and improving the flow and thermal dynamics of the Asynt ReactoMate system reactors that offer ultimate mixing performance can now be produced. The benefits of this development for chemists will be simpler process development and scale-up, faster reactions, better reproducibility and improved selectivity.

Martyn Fordham, Managing Director of Asynt Ltd. commented "We were pleased to cooperate with IPOS on this development because of their considerable expertise in chemical engineering and experience in advising chemists on scaling reactions that were often rate limited by poor mixing" He added "At the start of our cooperation - Asynt ReactoMate reaction systems as with all of our competitors did not offer optimized mixing. Today however, we can offer customers the option to use ReactoMate to scale chemistries with well designed mixing by IPOS. This consideration has proven especially important when reaction chemistries are exothermic for example".

Dr Nicholas Powles, a Senior Research Fellow at IPOS commented "The complexities associated with optimizing and scaling-up laboratory reactions are of critical importance in industrial process development. Our co-operation with Asynt will help commercialize the essential tools and 'know-how' for efficient process understanding and optimization".