Product News: Assayed Liquid Immunoassay Control available from Randox Acusera

04 Apr 2012

The Randox Acusera Liquid Immunoassay Control is designed to be both easy and convenient to use. The recent inclusion of fully assayed target values and ranges for over 40 analytes enables laboratories to reduce the number of controls used and ultimately reduce costs.

The combination of routine immunoassay analytes and a wide range of therapeutic drugs in a single liquid control material allows for increased efficiency across several areas of the clinical laboratory. Liquid controls eliminate the need for reconstitution thus reducing the amount of human handling necessary and the subsequent risk of pipetting errors.

The material is 100% human in origin providing a matrix similar to the patient sample but also reducing antibody interference and the possibility of control values shifting after changing reagent batch. Three clinically significant levels of control are available, supplied either separately or in a convenient and cost effective tri-level pack. A 5ml vial size and open vial stability of 7 days at +2-8oC minimises waste and helps to keep costs low.

As a true third party control; an unbiased, independent assessment of performance is guaranteed. Accurately assigned assayed target values are even provided for most immunoassay analysers including;

Abbott Axsym/Architect systems
Beckman Coulter Access
Beckman Coulter DxI
Biomerieux Vidas
Siemens Centaur
Siemens Immulite systems
Roche Modular/Elecsys systems
Roche Cobas 6000/E411 systems
Roche Integra
Tosoh AIA360
Vitros ECi

The Randox Acusera Liquid Immunoassay Control is compatible for use with Acusera 24.7, a web based inter-laboratory data management programme. With 24.7 users benefit from optimum performance and gain access to peer group data from laboratories worldwide. Peer group data is uniquely updated every 24 hours giving you access to the most up to date information available.