Product News: Aspectrics New Application Note Demonstrates Pioneering EP-NIR Analyzer Achieves Precise Identification and Quantification of Edible Oils Without False Positive Response

04 Sep 2007

Aspectrics, Inc., the innovator of patented Encoded Photometric Infrared (EP-IR) and Near Infrared (EP-NIR) spectroscopy, introduces a new application note to demonstrate the ability of its innovative MultiComponent™ 2750 EP-NIR analyzer to achieve unequivocal identification of three different types of edible vegetal oils, without false positive response. Coupled to an external Aspectrics halogen NIR source and a Specac 2mm pathlength process transmission multimode fiber probe, the groundbreaking analyzer allows access to impressive spectral information in the 2000-2600nm range.

The application note, entitled “Identification of Various Types of Edible Oils Using an Aspectrics MC2750 EP-NIR Spectrometer”, can be downloaded from Aspectrics website. It shows that the analyzer can precisely identify each type of edible oil, which have respective chemical compositions extremely close to each other, and also that the model was solid enough to prevent even partial false positive responses. Results demonstrated that when projecting the EP-NIR analyzer response in a space designed to identify a type of oil, not only all oil spectra are plotted within the 99% probability space of “100% probability of being the specific type of oil”, but also that the remaining oil samples are plotted within the 99% probability space of “0% probability of being the specific type of oil”.

All spectra were collected using Aspectrics’ RTSS Chemometrics software package. Data collection parameters were 30-second time integration. All samples were analyzed in four and three replicates respectively, recollecting a new background between each assay. Data treatment consisted of calculating absorbance spectra using open beam configuration as a background, calculating the second order derivative for each absorbance spectrum and developing Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Principal Component Regression (PCR) based methods for the identification and measurement of each type of oil.

Aspectrics’ EP-NIR analyzers offer a more efficient alternative to traditional NIR systems, with a spectral range extending further than the common 2100nm and achieving a range of 1375-2750nm. The patented Encoder Disk technology provides ultra fast sampling capability (100 Hz) for multi component analysis in a process rugged design to meet the demand for the process monitoring industry as well as the food and beverage industry.