Product News: Artel Congratulates Lab Week 2012 Pipetting Olympic Contestants

12 Jun 2012

Artel, a worldwide leader in laboratory liquid handling quality assurance and performance verification, congratulates all the contestants that took part in this year’s Pipetting Olympics during the National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week, April 22 to 28. During the competition, teams consisting of 10 lab technologists were given the chance to test their pipetting skills and win gold, silver, and bronze medals for precise liquid dispensing.

Nearly 400 technicians participated in the competition, testing their pipetting skills in their own laboratories using the Artel PCS® Pipette Calibration System, which enables users to rapidly assess, record and compile the volumes delivered by the pipette. Each contestant was asked to deliver 20µL five times and the variation in the volumes delivered was measured.

Teams from ARUP Laboratories in Salt Lake City, UT, took first and second place with scores of 0.091 %CV and 0.123 %CV. Haematologic Technologies in Essex Junction, VT, came in third with a score of 0.124 %CV.

“We would like to congratulate all the contestants that took part in this fun, team-building event, designed to highlight how practice and training can improve pipetting technique and minimize a major source of laboratory error,” said Kirby Pilcher, President of Artel. “Every day, life-changing medical decisions are made based upon the data generated by highly skilled laboratory workers, so it is reassuring to see clinical laboratories such as ARUP and Haematologic taking such pride in ensuring their technicians practice good technique.”

On being informed of ARUP’s remarkable one-two finish, Edward Ashwood, MD, president and CEO of ARUP Laboratories, said, “Two years ago, we implemented our pipette competency training program and we are proud of our lab technologists who have won this competition. It serves as a testimony to our commitment to training and quality assurance. At ARUP, we put the patient first and we are committed to providing the highest quality laboratory services to our clients.”