Product News: Applied Biosystems Launches New Genomic Analysis Tools that Simplify Disease Research

17 Sep 2009

Applied Biosystems has announced the launch of genomic analysis tools that will help researchers in studies that associate genetic variation with specific diseases. These new tools, known as the MeltDoctor™ High-Resolution Melt (HRM) Reagents, are for research use only and are part of a PCR-based workflow that enables researchers to cost-effectively scan DNA from a variety of biological sample types to detect the smallest genetic variations among samples.

The MeltDoctor HRM Reagents facilitate high resolution melt, or HRM analysis, which is a powerful technique for the detection of mutations, polymorphisms and epigenetic differences in double-stranded DNA samples. These reagents enable the characterization of variant nucleic acid sequences for advanced genomics applications such as mutation scanning, genotyping, and methylation analysis. These tools, including software, are part of an HRM analysis workflow optimized for Applied Biosystems real-time PCR systems that is simple to perform, requiring minimal quantities of both sample and reagent to capture a significantly greater amount of detail and information for variant types, without the complexity and expense of other methods.

HRM analysis is emerging as a technique of choice among genomics researchers and is one of several different analysis methods offered by the Genomics Core Lab at the Institute of Research in Immunology and Cancer at the University of Montreal. The IRIC Genomics Core Facility has been using an early-access version of the MeltDoctor HRM Reagents to simplify SNP analyses and to characterize new variants in candidate genes for immunology and cancer research studies.

Pierre Chagnon, Ph.D., Director of Genomics Core Facilities, IRIC, University of Montreal
“We have developed a melt analysis workflow for SNP analyses that includes the MeltDoctor HRM analysis reagents. This workflow helps us to deliver cost-effective, rapid genotyping projects for our core lab customers. The reagents are easy to use, as they do not require chemical optimization, and quickly generate accurate results for our customers the first time they submit their research samples.”

John Gerace, Vice President and General Manager of Life Technologies’ PCR Systems Business
“Applied Biosystems is dedicated to expanding the applications of our industry-leading portfolio of PCR tools for advanced genomics. The MeltDoctor High Resolution Melt Reagents significantly enhance HRM analysis, while broadening our offerings for technologies that contribute to the understanding of genetic variation for translational research applications that study the relationship between genomics and diseases.”