Product News: Application-Focused Offerings Designed to Support Research and Testing Vital to Global Health and Safety

04 Mar 2008

PerkinElmer, Inc., a global leader in health sciences and photonics, today announced that it is showcasing its new EcoAnalytix™ initiative at PITTCON® 2008, March 2-6, 2008 Booth #2555. EcoAnalytix is PerkinElmer's revolutionary problem-solving initiative that addresses the global imperatives of food and consumer product safety, water quality and sustainable energy development. The Company is also featuring an array of new, innovative products for a wide range of end markets offering ease of use, improved throughput and greater accuracy.

The EcoAnalytix initiative encompasses comprehensive application-focused solutions combined with innovative thought leadership from top scientists and government agencies and public outreach programs, all for the benefit of PerkinElmer's customers. A key component of the initiative is analyzers that combine comprehensive product offerings with the applications, methodologies, standard operating procedures and training required to complete specific analyses.

PerkinElmer's new product offerings on display include a new liquid chromatography (LC) system and autosampler for fast LC, a workstation that automates sample preparation for wear metals analysis in heavy equipment and a new data capture and retrieval system to support inorganic analysis.

"PerkinElmer is committed to delivering world-class analytical measurement systems to help research and testing laboratories across the globe drive productivity, accuracy and quality," said Robert F.
Friel, chief executive officer and president, PerkinElmer, Inc. "Our EcoAnalytix initiative and the range of new products we are showcasing at PITTCON® 2008 reflect our continued efforts to combine high-performance instrumentation with the unprecedented level of technical, application, and regulatory support laboratories need to help ensure a healthy and safe environment and compliance with existing and new regulations."

EcoAnalytix Solutions on Display at PITTCON® 2008:
  • Food and Consumer Safety Solutions - PerkinElmer is featuring its industry-first EcoAnalytix Melamine Analyzer, an analytical solution based on the Clarus® 600 T Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer designed to determine melamine adulteration in protein-based foods, as well as its EcoAnalytix PlaySafe™ Analyzer, which verifies the amount of heavy metals in a particular consumer product.
  • Water Analysis Solutions - Water quality solutions on display at PITTCON® 2008 include the EcoAnalytix PAH Analyzer, a preconfigured system for the analysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), organic pollutants widely distributed in the environment that can be carcinogenic; an EcoAnalytix Trace Metal Water Analyzer utilizing Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) to rapidly screen for commonly regulated elements in drinking water; and, the LAMBDA™ XLS for determination of total nitrogen and phosphates.
  • Sustainable Energy Solutions - The Company is showcasing significant biodiesel analysis platforms designed to enable manufacturers to test the ability of their products to meet various global regulations. These solutions include an EcoAnalytix Biodiesel Glycerin & Methanol Analyzer based on the Clarus 500 Gas Chromatograph (GC) for the analysis of glycerin and residual alcohol in biodiesel; an EcoAnalytix Biodiesel Trace Metals Analyzer based on the Optima™ 7000 ICP-Optical Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-OES) for testing Group I and Group II metals and phosphorus; the EcoAnalytix Biodiesel FAME Analyzer (ASTM only) based on the Spectrum™ 100 FT-IR System for analyzing the properties of biodiesel fuel that are determined by structure of its fatty acid methyl esters; and, LABWORKS™ Green, a pre-configured software application for the biodiesel industry.
  • Energy Efficiency - The new LAMBDA 1050 spectrophotometer will help material scientists in a diverse range of industries accelerate the development of engineered materials, including those designed to improve energy conservation or harness renewable energy sources. The PerkinElmer IR Specular Reflection Set accessory for the Spectrum 100 helps manufacturers of architectural and automotive glass demonstrate that their products meet national and international energy efficiency regulations.
  • Strategic Partnerships - PerkinElmer is also highlighting its role as official analytical instrument supplier and fuel and lubricants certification partner of the Indy Racing League, IndyCar® Series, Indy Pro Series® and the Indianapolis 500® Mile Race, as well as its strategic water quality partnerships with the Water Environment Federation's (WEF) and the International Water Association's (IWA) World Water Monitoring Day™ (WWMD).

Additional New Products Showcased at PITTCON®:

PerkinElmer is also showcasing a new range of application-focused solutions designed to drive laboratory productivity and to help customers manage an increasingly complex sourcing, manufacturing and distribution supply chain.

  • Optima 7000 Series of Inductively Coupled Plasma-Optical Emission Spectrometers (ICP-OES) - Designed primarily for inorganic analysis, the Optima 7000 Series supports a variety of markets including environmental, geochemical, clinical, product testing and forensic. Its Universal Data Acquisition mode records all of the spectral data for each sample, enabling users to retrieve data that was not initially reported without needing to run the sample again, saving time and increasing productivity.
  • JANUS Oil Diluter Workstation - Specifically designed to automate sample preparation of lubricants for wear metals analysis, the 8-tip, high-throughput workstation enables laboratories to replace manual or single-tip sample preparation methods with an automated system to accelerate testing for wear in large capital equipment.
  • Series 275 HRes Liquid Chromatography System - A dedicated liquid chromatography system, providing increased throughput with greater speed, resolution and performance to support quality assurance/quality control in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, environmental and materials testing markets. It is controlled by and fully integrated with PerkinElmer's TotalChrom® software.
  • Series 225 LC Autosampler - Fully integrated into the PerkinElmer Series 200 family of liquid chromatography autosamplers, it supports pharmaceutical, food and beverage, environmental, materials characterization and chemical industry research and testing. It eliminates manual steps in the critical injection phase to ensure greater reliability of operations for more accurate results.

For more information on the PerkinElmer solutions and initiatives at PITTCON® 2008, visit Booth #2555 or the article webpage.