Product News: The Future of Drug Delivery Systems: Advancing New Technologies & Partnering Strategies

08 Nov 2011

A reminder that the Drug Delivery Summit 2011 meeting will be taking place in London this November (21st-22nd). So register now to secure your place at this meeting with the opportunity to hear exclusive speakers in the field of Drug Delivery. 

The early registration deadline for the meeting is this Friday 11th November and you can receive up to £200 off standard prices until that date.

If you have not yet seen the meeting agenda, download the brochure following the company article page.

As a reminder, a sample of participants that have confirmed their presentations, include:
• Dr Sanjay Jain, Director of Biologic Research, Lipoxen plc
• Dr Carlos Velez , Business Development Director , Lacerta Bio
• Dr Tim Harper, Medical Consultant, Cientifica
• Dr Cristina Freire, Business Development Manager, Kucept
• Prof Giuseppe Battaglia, Biomedical Science, University of Sheffield
• Dr Jag Shur, Research Fellow, University of Bath
• Dr Michael Keller, Senior Fellow, Novartis
• Dr John Tsibouklis, Biomaterials & Drug Delivery Research Group, University of Portsmouth,
• Dr Richard Toon, Business Development Manager, Nemaura Pharma
• Dr Suzanne.R. Saffie-Siebert , CEO , SiSaf Ltd
• Dr Adam C. Watkinson , Director , Storith Consulting Limited,
• Dr Michael O Rouke , Consultant , Scotia Vision
• Dr Suzanne.R. Saffie-Siebert , Business Development Manager, Nemaura Pharma

A full list of speakers is available on the website or on the meeting brochure.

To register your place simply email and quote the booking code: DD80 and you will be eligible for the final early bird discounts.

Alternatively Call: +44(0) 207 074 8900