Product News: New MCR Series for Future-proof Rheometry

09 Jan 2012

Anton Paar has introduced the new MCR series the third generation of Modular Compact Rheometers. The series offers speed and precision whether in routine quality control or high-end research & development.


Rheological requirements are always in flux, much like the flow and deformation behavior of the materials the technology is used to investigate. Building on their intrinsic modular design, the new generation of MCR rheometers, efficiently and comfortably adapt to meet any testing requirement.

The intuitive application software and patented features like ToolmasterTM, an automatic tool recognition and configuration system, make sure of smooth modular operation. Changing a cone-plate for a concentric-cylinder measuring system is just as easy as integrating a new temperature device or extending the MCR rheometers’ testing capabilities with a wide range of application-specific accessories.


The space-saving MCR rheometers are built for practice, with all components incorporated into one unit that easily fits on a standard laboratory bench. The patented TruGapTM system for automatic gap control, the T-ReadyTM feature for controlling the actual sample temperature, and of course the speed and precision of the synchronous EC motor itself – these and other characteristic MCR qualities ensure efficient rheological operation.


The third generation MCR rheometers feature well-known as well as brand-new and further refined rheological highlights: The air-bearing-supported, synchronous EC motor, the dynamic TruRateTM sample-adaptive motor controller, the patented normal force sensor integrated in the air bearing, TruStrainTM real-time position control, improved electronics and numerous other features to ensure excellent performance.