Product News: High Throughput Rheometer for CC, CP and PP Measurements

04 Nov 2011

Anton Paar’s High Throughput Rheometer (HTR) is a fully automated rheometer which is designed for concentric cylinder, cone-plate and parallel plate measurements.

The system features fully automated sample loading, trimming, measurement and cleaning for 24/7 operation. A high-precision robot in combination with the Anton Paar MCR 502 rheometer performs automated measurements on substances ranging from low-viscosity liquids to soft solids.

All patented features of the MCR 502, such as Toolmaster™, TruGap™,T-Ready™, TruRate™ and TruStrain™, are available with the HTR.

The system is obtainable as a standalone or can be fully integrated into other automation systems.

All features can be customized to fit individual needs. The robotic cell is compact, with dimensions of roughly 1700 x 1200 x 2000 mm (w/d/h).