Product News: Analytik Jena UK has Launched a New Generation of Bio Spectrophotometer

15 Jan 2009

Analytik Jena UK has announced the launch of the ScanDrop, a new generation of bio spectrophotometer which allows measurement of a comprehensive range of parameters for nucleic acids or proteins from volumes down to 0.3 µL or from standard 10 mm cuvettes. This versatile, modular instrument is available as a microlitre version, a standard 10 mm version or as a combination of both.

Key to the microlitre measurement capability is the unique, patented CHIPCUVETTE® sample system, which provides 16 separate microchannels and is suitable for filling using multichannel pipettes. The CHIPCUVETTE® provides automated, accurate UV/Vis absorption measurements of up to 32 positions in a single run at path lengths of 0.1 mm or 1.0 mm. Repeat measurements of a single sample at two different path lengths provides unparalleled performance for unknown sample concentrations.

The CHIPCUVETTE® provides excellent reproducibility compared to ‘open drop’ alternatives and other microlitre sampling systems. It completely eliminates the evaporation of sample solvent and the risk of cross-contamination or carryover effects. In addition, the sample can be easily recovered after measurement or simply stored in the CHIPCUVETTE® system.

ScanDrop features high performance diode array optics, originally developed for the Specord range of spectrophotometers. Aspheric optical components minimise aberration, giving high light throughput. The sturdy optical design ensures excellent wavelength accuracy and repeatability for high quality measurements. A long life xenon-flash-lamp virtually eliminates instrument warm-up time.

ScanDrop also features a new portable user-interface with a 5.7” colour touch screen, for complete stand-alone operation. Supplied complete with Aspect Nano measurement and analysis software, the system provides preprogrammed methods for nucleic and protein analysis, as well as quantitative measurements of unknown samples.

Facilities are provided for user-defined measurements. Instrument control via a PC is also possible.