Product News: Analytik Jena Expands Applications of contrAA® Series: Simultaneous Multi-Element Analysis with High Resolution Continuum Source AAS (HR-CS AAS)

27 Sep 2013

Analytik Jena once more expands the range of applications of the revolutionary contrAA® product series: Now the simultaneous analysis of several absorption lines in the measured spectral range is also possible. This offers great benefits especially in the relatively time-consuming graphite furnace technology, because several elements can be detected simultaneously using a single atomization.

One application example is the simultaneous detection of Ni, Fe and V in waste water. Low vanadium concentrations in the µg/l range are detected in parallel to Ni and Fe concentrations in the mg/l range in process water. Using simultaneous measurement the sample throughput can be tripled. The unique three-dimensional spectrum representation supports users in the rapid optimization of the atomizing parameters without additional empirical intermediate steps.

Simultaneous multi-element analysis with the contrAA® series offers:
• Increase of the sample throughput
• Easy optimization of methods
• Savings in measuring time and sample volumes
HR-CS AAS in the contrAA® - from the technology leader in Jena!