Product News: Anagnostics Hybcell Technology to be used for Drug Development

09 Feb 2012

Anagnostics has announced that it is to form a strategic partnership with the Viennese company, Vela Laboratories, to offer hybcell technology to biotech and pharma customers under good manufacturing practice (GMP) conditions.

Anagnostics Bioanalysis focuses on development and production of systems and tests for analytics in drug development and clinical diagnostics. Its patented hybcell technology combines DNA- and protein tests on the same device (hyborg), and enables innovative and efficient diagnostic solutions for the rapidly growing demand driven by personalized medicine.

Vela Laboratories is an internationally active GMP certified contract research/analytics laboratory. The company offers a broad portfolio of analytical methods, especially for characterisation of proteins. It also offers customer specific analytical services.

The agreement between Vela Laboratories and Anagnostics will enable them to collaborate in the fields of analytical services, as well as marketing and sales for drug discovery units.

‘The fast growing demand in the field of Biosimilars - Comparability Testing results in a need for creative business models. Vela obtained international reputation within the market for complete characterisation of Biopharmaceuticals, Biologics and Biosimilars and is among the top tier suppliers of ICH Q6B conform protein analytics. Anagnostics hybcell technology offers totally new analytical solutions, which we want to offer our customers. Together we can serve our customers more efficiently and comprehensively’ comments Dr. Markus Fido, CEO of Vela Laboratories, the decision of his company.

‘Synergies stemming from Anagnostics’ innovative analytical approaches and the outstanding expertise of Vela Laboratories enable Anagnostics to speed up the market penetration in the field of drug discovery’, is highlighted by Christoph Reschreiter, CEO of Anagnostics Bioanalysis GmbH.