Product News: The Liquidator™ 96: A Unique Economical Approach to High-Throughput Pipetting

01 Nov 2011

The Liquidator™ 96 from Anachem Ltd is a manual benchtop system that makes quick and easy work of pipetting to 96-well and 384-well formats. For applications such as filling, washing or replicating plates, performing dilutions, or reformatting from 96 to 384 wells, the Liquidator 96 is designed to perform faster than any other manual pipetting method and many robotic systems. Due to its compact benchtop size the instrument can also be transferred to a biohazard cabinet for sterile applications.

The Liquidator 96 is fast - It fills 96 wells simultaneously and is designed to be faster than any other manual pipetting method. In testing it has performed faster than certain robotic systems and a 96-well plate can be loaded in seconds.

It is accurate - Reliable results are the hallmark of the Rainin Liquidator fitted with Rainin LTS tips. Absolutely consistent pickup means that what you set on the dial is what you pick up in the tip, with no variability between channels. All wells are filled with exactly the same sample volume.

It is easy to operate working the same as a manual pipette. There is no complicated software, no programming - just a very personal benchtop pipetting system. Liquidator 96 is always ready to use by everyone in the lab.
The system can reduce the possibility of human error and can speed up all pipetting operations. Light, smooth operation and low-force ejection help reduce on-the-job injuries from repetitive stress.

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