Product News: New InLab® Micro Family from METTLER TOLEDO - Easy & Accurate pH Measurement in Small Sample Volumes

28 Jun 2011

Regular monitoring of pH is often required in many applications in Life Sciences; however the sample volumes are often very small making it difficult to do. The new Micro pH Sensors from METTLER TOLEDO fit any size sample container which eliminates the need for larger volumes in electrochemical analysis, this is exceptionally handy for rare or precious samples.

The InLab® Micro family consists of 5 different micro sensors all designed for specific needs; The Viscous Pro is exclusively designed to measure pH in highly viscous samples. The Ultra-Micro is ideal for measuring in very small vessels such as vials or well plates. The Flex-Micro eliminates the problem of damaged micro electrodes as it flexes before breaking. 751-4mm is recommended for conductivity measurements in life sciences, and finally, the 752-6mm is ideal for direct measurements in test tubes or micro titrations. All of these have been rigorously tried and tested and reliably meet all standard micro applications.

To introduce these mini technological marvels to you, Anachem is currently offering a 250mL bottle of pH Buffer completely FREE when you buy any of the new micro sensors before 31st July 2011. Simply visit the company article page.