Product News: MicroSol 3+ - Keeping your Lab Clean and Contamination Free

02 Nov 2011

Anachem’s MicroSol 3+ decontamination range can help you clean and disinfect your pipettes, laboratory equipment and bench surfaces in one easy, convenient step. It is available in concentrate, ready-to-use spray and handy wipes, its blend of twin chain quaternary ammonium compounds (Q.A.C.s) and amphoretic biocides has proven efficacy against bacteria, fungi, viruses, yeasts and DNA.

Proven to be effective against key human pathogenic micro organisms, this multipurpose lab disinfectant interacts with DNA and RNA molecules to have a detrimental effect on their secondary structure, deactivating them within blood, plasma or other samples.

As a result, MicroSol 3+ serves as a suitable decontamination for pipettes and molecular biology lab surfaces when carrying out DNA profiling for forensic applications. MicroSol 3+ is not limited to just the laboratory; it can also be used in washroom areas, for food preparation surfaces and for surface decontamination of instruments and electrical appliances.

MicroSol 3+ is biodegradable, has low toxicity, with a non-corrosive formula making it user and environmentally friendly. Plus, it leaves no surface residues, doesn’t stain and produces no unpleasant odors to provide the ideal solution for your cleaning or decontamination needs.