Product News: New Touchscreen Thermal Cycler makes PCR Set Up Quick and Easy

05 Jul 2012

Now, programming of complex PCR protocols such as Touchdown, Long and Nested PCR is fast and easy. The new Bioer LifeTouch™ 96-well gradient thermal cycler, from Alpha Laboratories Ltd (Eastleigh, Hants, UK), has a clear, 6.5" full color, Touchscreen menu and display. Combined with its powerful and intuitive programming this enables easy PCR set up in just a few seconds.

As an evolution of the original and popular LifePro™ PCR machine, the LifeTouch includes new enhancements, such as upgraded Peltier elements and unique Thermal Assisted Switching (TAS). These ensure minimal edge effects, rapid heating and cooling plus temperature accuracy to 0.1°C, providing unsurpassed reliability and reproducibility.

The temperature controls have been designed with complex PCR protocols in mind. The cycler has adjustable temperature ramping rates and incremental/decremental temperature/time programming. The gradient function up to 30°C range enables rapid optimization and reliability is ensured with its precision temperature control and excellent uniformity.

The LifeTouch 96-well gradient thermal cycler is extremely quiet when running, and can be operated on its own, via a PC or on a network. Its 2 year warranty, long life Peltier technology and range of service packages ensure absolute peace of mind and a guaranteed lifetime cost. It is also offered with free software upgrades to meet future technique developments.