Product News: Get More Intact, Viable Cells with BAMBANKER™ Cell Freezing Medium

26 Feb 2013

The unique, patented formulation of BAMBANKER serum-free cell freezing medium has been optimised to give excellent recovery for cryogenically preserved cells. Now available from Alpha Laboratories, it protects even delicate cells during medium and long term ultra low temperature storage; BAMBANKER has been tested with established cell lines, primaries and stem cells. Both human and animal cells have been successfully preserved, demonstrating excellent survival rates.

BAMBANKER also saves time. It is ready-to use, no dilution or addition of DMSO/glycerol is required. Simply harvest cells during the logarithmic growth phase, aspirate media and resuspend in BAMBANKER before freezing. There is no need for programmable freezers or step-wise temperature reduction, just freeze cells directly at -80C. Frozen cells can subsequently be transferred to liquid nitrogen storage facilities if desired.

A stringent quality assurance programme ensures protection for your precious cell cultures with sterility, endotoxin, mycoplasma, fungi and bacteria testing on every batch. Available in two pack sizes, a single 120ml bottle for high volume users storing large batches of cells or 5x20ml bottles. Ideal for dedicated use with specific cell lines or culture areas to minimise cross contamination of cultures and culture facilities.