Product News: NEW Kit for Disinfection and Sanitization of Laboratory and Processing Equipment

28 May 2009

Extending its range of product types, the world leader in vaccine purification, Alfa Wassermann Separation Technologies introduces a revolutionary kit for rapid disinfection and sanitization. Designed as a service to its pharmaceutical grade ultracentrifuge customers, the kit is also usable with a broad spectrum of instrumentation such as filling machines, filtration systems, lab centrifuges and incubators plus laboratory worktops and walls in clean areas.

AlfaSIP-50D Disinfection and Sanitization Kit
AlfaSIP-50D is a highly effective disinfectant, sanitizer, and virucide offering total protection of Disinfection / Sanitization In-Place in a closed system. The disinfection / sanitization time is just 5-10 minutes in a centrifuge with no heating or cooling cycle. It is easier to use than most other chemical disinfecting solutions and is not considered to be a contact sensitizer. Application amounts and quantities are smaller than those appropriate for many other disinfecting agents.
AlfaSIP-50D is supplied in packs of 10 kits. One kit produces an active solution of chlorine dioxide gas dissolved in enough water to carry out 8 to 10 disinfection cycles on an Alfa Wassermann continuous flow ultracentrifuge. Once produced as directed, the solution remains at active strength for 15 days, ready for immediate use on-demand.

A package containing a membrane envelope is opened and the envelope is immersed in 50 liters of water. The solution is at full strength after ten hours. The concentration can be checked with easy-to-use, “dip-and-check” test strips. Disinfection requires 10 minutes at 100 ppm . Afterwards, rinse-out is achieved rapidly with a small volume of water, and the absence of residual chlorine dioxide confirmed by use of test strips.

The AlfaSIP-50D kit produces a >99% pure solution of chlorine dioxide in water. The patented, membrane-based micro-reactor envelope technology ensures that only pure chlorine dioxide gas is diffused into the water and equipment. The production system ensures that no free chlorine can be created.

Properties of Pure Chlorine Dioxide - Advantageous in Biopharmaceutical Applications
The pure gas diffusing from the surface of the AlfaSIP solution decontaminates closed vessels, even in the head space. Rapid flushing from tanks and piping, usually in a few volumes of water, leaving no residue nor film makes it the ideal product in BioPharmaceutical operations. It accommodates heat-sensitive equipment that cannot currently be effectively disinfected.

It is able to penetrate and eradicate organic matter and slime established on surfaces and lines, permitting quick and easy removal. AlfaSIP / chlorine dioxide is not corrosive to most materials, including ultracentrifuge components, at normal use concentrations. This includes stainless steel, most plastics & elastomers.