Product News: Alere Analytics Launches Electronic Laboratory Reporting Solution

15 Aug 2013

Alere Analytics, an Alere subsidiary specializing in healthcare analytics and clinical decision support (CDS) technology, has announced the availability of its Electronic Laboratory Reporting (ELR) Solution to assist hospitals with submitting reportable lab results to State Departments of Health.

Under Meaningful Use Stage 2, a new core objective requires that hospitals provide “ongoing successful submission of reportable lab results” to the State Departments of Public Health. As part of Alere Analytics’ Clinical Surveillance Solution, the ELR module can help eligible hospitals satisfy this requirement, while improving patient care quality and providing better coordination between lab personnel and clinicians.

“Our Company has been providing State Departments of Health with the necessary tools for state-wide collection of reportable laboratory results for over a decade. Built on our extensive years of experience, our Electronic Laboratory Reporting (ELR) Solution was a natural product evolution of our core technology competencies,” said Mansoor Khan, Sc.D., Chief Executive Officer of Alere Analytics. “In addition to continuing to work with State Departments of Health, we are now pleased to directly offer hospital labs in all states our proven ELR technology as a low-cost, simple and effective way to satisfy Meaningful Use Stage 2, as well as provide a comprehensive solution to improve efficiency, patient safety, and outcomes while maximizing reimbursements.”

Delivered on the Alere Analytics platform using a cloud-based, SaaS environment, the ELR Solution captures all codes associated with diseases, conditions, lab tests and demographic data by leveraging industry messaging standards, such as HL7v2.X, and then delivers this information to the appropriate state authority. As a trusted technology partner, Alere Analytics is certified for Meaningful Use Stage 2 by the ONC-Authorized Testing and Certification Body for its Electronic Laboratory Reporting and Communication Portal. Alere Analytics’ ELR Solution, through which the State of Massachusetts has collected reportable lab results since 2004, is currently utilized by 98% of all hospitals in the state. The State of Iowa is also implementing the company’s ELR Solution to satisfy Meaningful Use requirements.

Advantages of the Electronic Laboratory Reporting (ELR) Solution Include:

• Secure and User-friendly
• Cloud-based, SaaS system that seamlessly integrates with all laboratory software
• Multiple Data Intake Methods
• Web service, manual upload, FTP and manual entry
• Hospital/Lab Specific Terminology Mappings
• Standard code sets, CPT, LOINC, SNOMED
• Lab Data Surveillance
• Internal notifications and pre-reporting capabilities
• Easily Route Messages Submitted to Public Health
• Message Transformation
• Supports Multiple Formats
• HL7v3, 2.X
• Meaningful Use Stage 2 Compliant
• Delivers reportable lab results to state and local health departments

Alere Analytics’ platform is built on industry standards to provide both functional interoperability, as well as semantic interoperability across medical terminologies. The parameters of the system are defined by the hospital user and include a coordinated effort with practitioners, pharmacists and laboratory personnel. Delivered as a low-cost SaaS solution, ELR provides hospitals with the ability to quickly implement and submit data within a very short amount of time. The Alere Analytics solution requires no additional hardware or software in the hospital and can be used to automate the entire submission process.