Product News: Digital Density Meter - The Latest Novelty from A.Kruess Optronic

15 Aug 2008

A. Kruess Optronic GmbH now presents its latest novelty: a digital density meter, which only requires 0.3 ml of sample volume. Additionally the density meter convinces with a measuring accuracy never seen before: in the measuring range of 0.00000 - 1.99999 g/cm3 measuring accuracy is 0.00005 g/cm3.

Whether you want to measure density, specific gravity or the concentration of liquid solutions: by this highly precise digital density meter you receive results with 5 decimal places. And even better: you receive your measuring result in only 1 second.

Newly Developed Micromechanical Measuring Cell

Behind these improvements stands a new-developed micromechanical measuring cell which needs only 80 µl of sample volume and provides an integrated temperature measurement of the sample. A built-in Peltier thermostat ensures a precisely regulated temperature with a repeatability of +/- 0.02°C. Naturally the density meter possesses a calibration certificate in accordance with N.I.S.T. density standard. It's particularly suitable for application fields in the GLP/GMP range. An individual user management with separate passwords can be programmed.

User-Friendly Software

The user-friendly Software operates in 6 languages and is easily operated with the touch-screen. Measured data can be exported e.g. in Excel-format on a USB stick. Other interfaces are RS232 and Ethernet. LIMS and printer connections are integrated.

Customized measuring methods are programmable (990 methods), 9 of which are already preset in order to increase user friendliness. The SQL data base stores and controls 999 results for you.

Wide Range of Applications

The digital density meter can be used in a widespread range, e.g. for determination of mixing ratios, quality and quantity controls. Operational areas for the new density meter are to be found in the chemical industry, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, breweries and beverage manufacturers, sugar and sweet material industry, pulp and paper industry, electronic industry, petrochemical industry and waste water management.

Highly precise density measurements can now be accomplished fast and simple at low sample costs - an ease of work and an improvement of results at the same time.